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About Us

Sweet Sanctuary furthers refugee integration in the Oakland community through delicious, multicultural baked goods.

Oakland has a large population of refugees. Once refugees are admitted into the United States, they are faced with many new challenges. One of the biggest challenges is employment primarily due to their low level of English proficiency and lack of formal work experience. The Sweet Sanctuary provides employment, English language classes, and other business related skill trainings to the refugee women who struggle most due to these reasons.

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Our Bakers

Our employees are from various countries including Bhutan, Burma, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. They utilize the baking skills and recipes which they know from their home countries. This allows the Sweet Sanctuary to provide a unique variety of offerings for customers. Our customers can enjoy, in addition to luxury of high-quality baked goods, learning about the culture and history of the countries of our employees.

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Our mission

Sweet Sanctuary promotes two-way cultural exchange between refugees and natives of the community, and thus the integration of refugees into the community.