Welcome to The Sweet Sanctuary Bakery

The Sweet Sanctuary bakery was founded on the belief that integration is a two-way process that involves community engagement and cultural awareness. Our bakery will be a central location for all people to come together in the city of Oakland and learn about each others lives and traditions.

Since US refugee resettlement began in 1951, 1.8 million refugees have been invited into the United States. Refugees flee their home countries due to persecution for a variety of different reasons. However, if they are admitted into the United States, they are faced with many new challenges as they assimilate into U.S. culture. In their resettlement process, their economic self-sufficiency is dependent on stable employment, which can be difficult to attain due to barriers such as transportation, English skills, lack of work experience, and cultural differences. Many refugee resettlement organizations have temporary job training programs to help refugees on their feet financially, but struggle to set them up for long-term success.

We seek to stop refugee women from being left behind because they are “unemployable” lack of work experience and English skills.  The Sweet Sanctuary Bakery will facilitate refugee integration by focusing on an asset many women do have from their country– baking.

The Sweet Sanctuary Bakery commits to:

• Honoring refugee women and their traditional cultural goods
• Providing healthy, multicultural baked goods to the Oakland community
• Offering ESL and Career Development courses to encourage advancement of bakers

The bakery employs refugee women who will bake goods from their home countries. Customers will have the opportunity to learn about other parts of the world through the purchasing of baked goods.

Each purchase comes with a country card with information about the baker’s home country.

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