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Bread Boxes

Taste of Middle East:

2 Iraqi flatbreads (white or whole wheat), 6 Afghan almond cookies, 3 Baklava, 2 Sweet cream rolls

Taste of Burma:

12 assorted breads and desserts from our Burmese specialties

Injera Box:

An Ethiopian and Eritrean special. Sourdough-risen flatbreads with unique texture

Taste of the World:

Assortment of 12 baked goods from each country

Healthy Bread Box:

Assortment of 12 whole wheat flatbreads, and paleo desserts. Sugar-free options available

Paleo Bread Box:

You choose 12. All paleo items contain almond flour, and are sweetened with agave, fruit, or coconut sugar

A La Carte

Can’t decide on a box? Order from our “fresh out of the oven” daily selection.